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THE SHOE LOVERS' PARADISE - Multi Award Winning Special Occasion Shoes & Shoe Gifts

About Us

All About Shoes is a new boutique opened in The Lanes in Norwich, UK and the first in the world of its kind.


A paradise for shoe-lovers, it sells shoe-themed gifts, greetings cards, books about shoes and shoe accessories. In fact just about anything to do with shoes.


It is also importantly home to Milly J Shoes and is currently the only outlet for these remarkable unique, multi award winning shoes.


Milly J specialises in creating shoes on commission for weddings, graduations, proms and other special events. But she also has a limited edition range of shoes to buy in store which are not customised but nevertheless celebrate special times of the year such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Summer and Hallowe’en. With all sculpted and embelleshed items handmade by Milly herself.


Milly J has also launched a range inspired by her designs such as cushions, coasters, serving plates, clothing  and bags and her  handcrafted shoe acessories, deemed, "innovative" by Out On a Limb Magazine and the EDP!.


Visit us at 53, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich NR2 4PG.


Also visit us online at Milly J Shoes or Bridal Shoes By Milly J.